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Five reasons why the Adwiz is your best branding investment

We start every project with the most important part. The beginning.

We’ve seen graphic designers present logos to clients without knowing anything about their business. That makes no sense. The Adwiz first sits down with you to learn about your brand. We don’t even start to design until we know the vision you have for your business, your customer demographics, and other key aspects of your brand.

Design that will get people hot to buy. Not hot under the collar.

Many young graphic designers have little or no experience with the realities of different cultures. The Adwiz has worked with brands around the world and has gained valuable sensitivity to the little things that can cause issues in certain cultural settings.

You’re invited to read the book on consistency. Your branding guide.

The most important aspect of every brand is consistency. So it makes sense to have a comprehensive guide that tells you how to apply your brand identity in a consistent way. Brand voice. Colors. Fonts. What you can and can’t do with your image. And much more. All in one convenient document.

The only thing more painful than learning from experience is not learning from experience.

The Adwiz has over 30 years of experience creating effective brands and marketing communications, including working as a creative director for one of Canada’s most prominent advertising agencies. George has designed brand identities for companies ranging from startups to billion dollar household names.

We believe your brand has a job to do. To make the cash register ring.

Branding is not about creating a pretty design. Your brand is the long-term personality of your company and your products or services. You can’t take it lightly. The Adwiz creates a strategic design which takes into account your business goals.


The Adwiz has won multiple awards for branding including the Color of Black.


Having designed brands from startups to billion dollar household names, you’re in the hands of a highly experienced expert.


You don’t just get a logo designer, you get a comprehensive marketing strategist who can design digital communications and advertising.

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