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As a creative director for a major advertising agency, George Pytlik found that those businesses who most needed the help of ad agency experts were least able to afford it. He turned his attention to giving smaller companies the same high quality marketing power enjoyed by big corporations. By finding efficiencies in workflow, eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy, and applying innovative approaches in a number of areas, marketing communications excellence can be realized within the budget limitations of typical companies, including startups.

George has decades of experience building brand and communication strategies in a variety of industries. He created a vision and strategic plan that grew one company from $3 million to $33 million in sales in a single year. He directed the marketing efforts of an international franchise restaurant chain. He was a technical editor for Hayden web technology books, wrote the Futures column for Marketing magazine and was featured on national television news for his innovative digital marketing approaches.

Branding and Marketing Communications Strategist

George Pytlik

George is passionate about working with CEOs who want the same high quality professional brand presence seen in the world’s global leaders. He loves to see their businesses transformed.

A few

More than 30 years of results

1975 First graphic design layouts

1976 First advertising campaign

1979 First comprehensive brand design

1981 Ad campaign increased sales of one client 600% in 9 months

1984 Launched ad agency Venture Communications

1990 Increased sales of Maxwell from $3 million to $33 million in one year

1991 First website design

1999 Creative Director, Wasserman and Partners Advertising

2005 Changed focus towards supporting small businesses

2012 Grew a non-profit from 20,000 to 375,000 donors over seven years

2018 Launched the 150th branded website design

First branding project, 1979
Credit Union Central annual report, 1986
Early brochure design produced in high school
Resortship branding, 2005

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