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Seven reasons why an Adwiz website gets superior results

The only thing more painful than learning from experience is not learning from experience.

The Adwiz has over 30 years of experience creating effective marketing communications, including working as a creative director for one of Canada’s major advertising agencies. George designed his first website when the Internet was only one year old and has designed more than 160 successful, leading edge sites for great brands in multiple countries.

A commitment to excellence has its own rewards.

Attention to detail sets the leaders apart from the pack. The Adwiz looks after the little things that others miss, and these details can make a huge impact for your brand. The best premium add-ons already pre-licensed so you don’t pay extra. Vastly superior security features. Outstanding copywriting. Clean, commented code and much more.

It’s not creative unless it sells. Great copywriting builds customers.

When your competitor is just one click away, converting your site visitors to buyers has never been more important. The Adwiz knows how to write powerful headlines that stop people in their tracks. You get superior, original web copywriting that engages your visitors and builds their relationship with your brand.

Leading edge photography. Yours at no extra cost.

Other web designers charge clients for the use of stock photography. It can lead to thousands of extra dollars you didn’t expect. We license one of the world’s best stock photography libraries at our own cost, so your site can enjoy striking images without increasing your budget.

Responsive design. Because one size doesn’t fit all.

There was a time when websites could be designed for a common device size. No longer. Today’s website design must be flexible, optimized for any device size. Every Adwiz website is designed to look great on all devices, with no extra fee for responsive variations.

Putting you in front of your customer. Even when you can’t be there yourself.

When a site visitor contacts you or, better yet, makes a purchase, your relationship needs to start off on the right note. Every Adwiz site includes a sophisticated Email design that makes people who get in touch feel as if you’re right there talking to them. No matter what time of day it might be.

We start with a winning strategy. Yours.

Your website should reflect your brand voice. Not someone else’s. Some web designers are technicians, others are graphic artists with no brand experience. The Adwiz combines multiple disciplines and decades of experience to create a powerful web presence that communicates the unique essence of your brand personality. Just the right amount of tech, combined with a sensitivity to how your site should feel to your customers.

Award winning.

Macworld award winning interactive design. The Adwiz was recognized by Macworld magazine for excellence in human interface design.


With a history of more than 150 successful websites, you’re in the hands of one of the country’s best and most experienced web designers.


With a long background in branding and marketing communications, you don’t just get a web designer, you get a comprehensive marketing strategy.

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