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Superior web maintenance by a business leader especially for business leaders. The ultimate in peace of mind.

How strong is your online brand?

Chances are, your website is the primary point of connection between your brand and your customers. Just as brick and mortar companies look after their physical presence, you need to ensure that your web presence is secure and optimized to do business.

Unfortunately, the majority of website maintenance programs are based on automated software bots and basic free tools to pretend to look after your site. Don’t be fooled!

What is ReBoot?

Adwiz ReBoot is a website maintenance program designed by a business expert specifically for business people, around the goal of maintaining your brand integrity and providing you with tools to do more business. It’s like having your own dedicated website IT staff without the overhead.

No technical mumbo jumbo

You’re working on your business, not your dictionary on technical lingo. So with ReBoot you won’t be inundated with terms you don’t understand. Just solid and useful support from someone who understands business communication and the impact of website usability.

Our higher level packages even offer compelling new content every month to maximize the impact of your brand your and your search engine rankings.

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Don’t put yourself in a situation where your brand reputation can be quickly ripped apart. Be proactive and protect your brand, with valuable insights to help you make the most of your website. Adwiz ReBoot is like having your own web IT department for a fraction of the cost.

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How is ReBoot different?

I created ReBoot because I was sick of seeing cheap maintenance programs out there that are basically faking it. They pretend to offer something, but are seriously flawed and open to a huge variety of potential issues.

My program offers real protection, real support and a number of superior benefits. I sought out the very best services available to provide the special features my program offers.

Best of all, you have an actual human being performing the tasks involved, someone who follows a strict regimen of best practices to minimize disruptions and knows how to deal with unexpected issues like an update breaking your site, which happens more frequently than you may realize.

A suite of special services designed to protect the integrity of your brand.

If the digital cloud has a silver lining, this is it. Backups you can count on.

Think your website is properly backed up? Would you bet your business on it? Most small business sites are not backed up at all. When they are, the backups are saved to the same server that the site lives on. If that gets compromised, so does your backup. ReBoot includes not only world class hosting, but redundant offsite backups for the ultimate peace of mind.

Enhanced security. Because today every site is a target.

Even sites with little traffic are sought out by hacker bots these days, because they can be used as launching pads for spam attacks that ultimately come back to haunt your brand reputation. ReBoot includes a sophisticated security system that locks out known IP addresses automatically, puts up extensive barriers against hackers, and can be ramped up as needed to offer even more security.

Detailed analysis of your website usage. Sent right to your inbox every day.

You want to know how your website is performing, just as you need to understand other metrics of your business. We send a detailed analysis every 24 hours by Email so that you can see your performance on a day-to-day basis, allowing you to make rapid decisions. You'll see your visitor counts, new vs. repeat visitors, page views, bounce rates, which pages were visited and more. The report even graphically illustrates day-to-day performance.

Site speed has never been more important. Say hello to your new afterburners.

Site speed is now one of the most important factors for your search engine ranking. With our plans, you get a variety of premium features that dramatically increase your site speed. We even include high-speed hosting with one of the world’s best hosting company.

An untended website is like stale bread. Nobody is interested except the bugs.

Server software, plugins and themes are updated constantly. These updates fix security holes, improve functionality, and clean up bugs. Updating when these are released is essential, but this needs to be done carefully to avoid compatibility problems that can break your site. ReBoot Silver and higher programs include plugin and WordPress updates.

Content updates. Think of them as money in bank.

Constant updates and improvement of your site content dramatically improves your search engine ranking. It also sends a message of credibility to your customers and prospects, showing that you are serious about your business and a brand that can be trusted. That means increased sales. ReBoot Gold includes monthly content updates. Diamond includes an outbound marketing program.

Think your site is safe? Hey, the Trojans thought they were protected too.

Laocoön warned the Trojans that their innocuous gift from the Greeks was dangerous, but they brought it into their city walls anyway. No matter how stringent your security is, there is always a risk that your website will be compromised. Anyone who really wants in will find a way. ReBoot includes a scanning service at no extra charge that scans your site constantly, looking for malware that may have been placed on your server. We also put human eyes on your server every month to look for things automated software might miss. On top of that, if malware does make it through our security barriers, we clean it for you quickly and efficiently at no extra cost.

What’s it worth to your business to keep your site safe, speed it up, and make it as effective as possible?

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Three versions of ReBoot to suit every budget

Note: A one-time $99 setup fee applies to cover installation of necessary software and administration setup time.

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