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Note: Not every site is ReBOOT-ready, so we need to review your submission before you get started. If it isn’t compatible with the ReBoot service, you’ll receive a full refund including your setup fee.

A wide range of powerful benefits to protect your brand

World Class WordPress hosting
WPEngine hosting is known as the finest hosting optimized for WordPress. You’ll enjoy blazing fast site speed, daily backups and state-of-the-art service.

Daily backup to additional offsite server
This isn’t just any backup, but a complete solution that can restore your entire website in just minutes should the need arise. Blazing fast backups that are saved to a server that is located away from your main hosting server for the ultimate in peace of mind.

Daily traffic reports
Detailed Email report sent to you ever 24 hours summarizing your visitor activity and bounce rates.

Massive Security Upgrade
We install the world’s best security software with features like crowd-sourced IP blocking to stop brute force attacks and other ways to minimize your security risk. Plus, we check your site monthly with eyes on your server to check for any unusual files that might indicate malware.

Real human eyes on your site every month
No automated solution can compare to the power of having a pair of human eyes look over your site and check the server every month for anomalies or issues that software can’t detect.

Automatic server updates
Wordpress, plugin and theme updates are important to optimize the security of your site, but can break your site. With ReBOOT, each update is tested against your website code to see if it will affect your website. We even test each PHP update before installing to ensure that it won’t break your site.

Anti-spam filtering
Spam is a nuisance that drains staff resources and can negatively impact your website and your brand. We make spam virtually disappear.

Malware testing
We monitor your site to alert us immediately if malware has managed to make it through our defenses. Even the most heavily defended sites can be hacked, so it’s important to check regularly for intrusions.

Site Speed enhancements
Special processes are added that allow your site to serve up next gen image formats. We compress all the images on your site to look just as great but load many times faster. We also add a blazing fast CDN server.

Content Updates (Gold and Platinum only)
Fresh new content is one of the most important ways to ensure that your site remains relevant and ranks high in search engines. Our professional writers create a new article each month, or we update other parts of your content. We format the article and find a high quality feature image to keep your brand strong.