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The Pocket Testament League is a non-profit Christian service organization based in Pennsylvania that has been around since the 1800s. It went through cycles of growth and contractions, as most organizations do. When the Adwiz was called in to assist with branding and marketing, the organization had restructured and focused on a key mission that was based on its original mandate. This was intriguing and a great foundation for branding. The League had been founded by a teenage girl who organized a group of friends to sew pockets on their dresses in which to carry a Gospel of John to give away freely to someone each day. I imagined what a modern-day teenage girl might do with the design of a pocket on her dress and pictured a cloth tab like those found on numerous denim brands. This became the new identity. To contrast the age of the organization and give it a freshness that was badly needed, we used clean, sans-serif fonts and modern styling. The new identity was effective and very popular, helping to surge membership to more than ten times growth over the next few years. Numerous other logos were also designed to identify various product lines.


The Pocket Testament League

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