Ad of the Week April 6, 2015

Adwiz Ad of the Week

In an age when we’re inundated with CGI and photographic detail, it’s refreshing to see an old-fashioned treatment. That’s the premise behind a retro-styled series of ads by The Richards Group for Ram Trucks. I particularly like the copy underneath the headline, “Where the crackling of a campfire is always on the playlist.” Nice. Click the image for a larger version.

About the Ad of the Week

Millions of new ads are crafted around the world every day. A handful are worthy of attention. Of those, a small selection are the source of inspiration and insight for others. Adwiz George Pytlik looks for ads with special qualities. These might stand out because of a great concept, art direction, photography, or some other element setting them apart from the others. A new one is posted every week.

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