The power of personal branding

Philippe Dubost, a French job-seeker, used a creative personal branding effort to prove that how you market yourself makes all the difference. He designed his online resume to look like an Amazon page. Dubost didn’t want his online resume to be like everyone else’s. Looking for a way to make it stand out and still be relevant to his work as a web product manager, he built his to look like an Amazon product page, complete with product dimensions, five-star ratings, world-wide shipping and even a gift-wrap option.

“Amazon’s pages just naturally fit the form of a resume,” he told CNN. “I just thought that if a company thinks that this is fun, then that’s a company I would like to work for.”

“At first I sent it out as a link with the normal job applications I was sending, but then sent an email to a popular French blog saying ‘Hey guys, if you’re bored and have nothing to look at…'”

That was in late January, 2013. Bloggers and others turned it into an internet sensation, driving traffic from around 500 hits a day to over 200,000. In just a couple of weeks, the page gained over 27,000 Facebook “likes” and over 1 million page views.

More importantly, it did the job it was designed for. From 800 or so messages he has received, more than 100 have been job offers that have come from countries across Asia and Europe. “Quite a few are great and are really fit what I’m looking for,” he said.

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George Pytlik

George Pytlik has been involved in the advertising industry for over 30 years and designed his first website when the Internet was one year old. He was an internationally recognized speaker on advertising and branding and served on a number of communication committees at various times throughout his career, as well as writing a regular column for Marketing magazine.

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