Good Email design: SurveyMonkey

A few weeks ago, SurveyMonkey went through a significant redesign. Their Email newsletters were also redesigned and include many state-of-the-art features. The message reads well with or without graphics activated, with a text-based menu. The headline is catchy without being particularly clever. The “Quick Tip” is a nice touch.

What I particularly like is how the flow of it, despite being a single column, is organic. The eye keeps being surprised by new touches like a bar chart following a pie chart (as compared to two identical styles), images moving from one side to the other, icons like checkmarks next to bullet points and so on. Engaging enough that you want to read all the way down to the bottom. The colors are coordinated with those of the brand, and are always legible where they need to be.

The Email has just the right number of sections with calls to action where they make the most sense — not too many of them. I may not agree with the use of different colored buttons, but given the context it makes sense. My biggest complaint is that the subject line is a bit misleading. It does indicate that this is a newsletter, but suggest there are “Survey ideas for your next event.” While that’s true to an extent, the three little bullet points they offer in the newsletter are not exactly what I would hail as ideas. I expected something more comprehensive.

Overall a good job. Here’s what it looks like:

SurveyMonkey Email

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George Pytlik

George Pytlik has been involved in the advertising industry for over 30 years and designed his first website when the Internet was one year old. He was an internationally recognized speaker on advertising and branding and served on a number of communication committees at various times throughout his career, as well as writing a regular column for Marketing magazine.

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